Simran Kaur in Prague

Special Posture, Asana, Breath & Alignment Course

25.7. – 27.7.2014, Fri. 18-21h, Sat. 9-18h, Sun. 9-17h

Simran poziceWhere: Plující oblaka, Mlýnská 6 – Bubeneč, Prague, Czech Republic

Workshop for beginners, advanced and yoga teachers

Lector: Simran Kaur Khalsa (USA) Divine Alignment a The Heart Rules Teacher

We are happy to welcome Simran Kaur in Prague and under her guidance improve our posture so that hearth may rule in our life.

Simran Kaur Khalsa is an excellent posture teacher in Kundalini Yoga. She is also a brilliant singer. You may know her voice from a recording Tantric Har. She is a wife of Guru Prem Singh, whom Yogi Bhajan named Posture Master in Kundalini Yoga. Simran Kaur is inspirative and extraordinary woman, who practices Kundalini Yoga her whole life.

You may attend the whole workshop or some of these days separately. The programme of one day follows up the previous. Sunday will be focused on detailed work with posture with regard to needs of teachers, therefore it is not recommended to attend only Sunday without absolving or participating in teachers training.

Whole workshop: 3 000 kč
Separately: Fri.: 600 kč, Sat.: 1 500 CZK, Sun.: 1 400 CZK
Accomodation in the studio: 150 CZK / 1 night (on the mat, bring your sleeping bag)

For reservation please use the following e-mail:


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